I am an award-winning designer / creative director with experience in a diverse range of disciplines, including branding, book and brochure design, assorted business collateral, web and app design, UX+UI, infographics, package design, and sign systems. 
I am a highly-dedicated and devoted agent for and partner with my employers, clients and their customers. Their concerns, pain points, challenges, and successes necessarily become my own. I extend this to every client large and small, though here are a few you may have heard of…
In addition to competence in the fundamental office applications such as Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Acrobat, I have exceptional experience with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and XD. Not only was I was a beta-tester for Illustrator, I have I taught courses in InDesign and Photoshop at UCLA Extension. I have an organizational passion for digital asset management and filename conventions. Raised on the Mac OS, I am a better-than-average troubleshooter when technical issues arise.