All photography by John Dolan

Art Direction
I have directed numerous photo shoots both large and small. Some of the most technically-demanding shoots have been multi-day affairs to initiated to build a library of assets for Busch theme parks. One of my favorites of these is the production I directed for Discovery Cove, a premium destination that allows guests to swim with the dolphins.
But before I drone on about process, these photographs look spectacular chiefly due to the sublime eye of John Dolan. Without his expertise, all of the direction in the world would have been for naught.
Photography is an extension of a brand, so it was first necessary to define and articulate the photographic characteristics so John had a clear understanding of what we were looking for. I created style boards with the five main qualities that were a priority.
This direction was referenced in an illustrated shotlist I created for each shot that combined shot details, location map, visual reference, model headshots, and additional notes.